Monday, 3 June 2013

3rd June - Around the World

I have to thank Nat and Jenny for supplying the photos today due to a faulty memory card in my camera.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to help out with an event at a local art gallery, The Aspex gallery in Gunwharf Quays were playing host to the Camp Bestival Around the World Tour, they asked me if I could make a sculpture to fit the theme, after a lot of thinking I came up with the idea of building a dome to represent the world, I had 3 hours to build the sculpture and so yesterday morning at 11am I started the build.

It started off looking pretty cool, then as it got bigger and bigger it started to look like a complete mess, however with an hour to go things turned around and it started to look good again (phew) it took me 2 hours to build a complete dome, to finish it off I attached various balloon sculptures to the dome, a penguin to represent the poles, a camel in the desert, a ship and whale in the sea, and an elephant and rhino on the grassland, I even put a plane flying over the land.

Now comes the sad part, when I got home I discovered that my camera memory card had been corrupted at some point during the day and all my photos of the sculpture are gone, booo, thankfully Nat and Jenny were with me and they snapped a few on their phones so thanks to them I have some photos. So here is a selection of photos taken by Nat and Jenny. I did manage to do a Timelapse video of the whole build as well  and you can see that here -

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