Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30th April - Revolver

For some unknown reason, my mate Clint seems to think I am obsessed with guns, I can't think what gave him that idea, never mind, anyway, onto today's balloon, a gun.

This gun was taught to me by Graham back in March, Its not something I would ever make at a kids party as I am actually pretty anti gun.

This revolver is made from 2 x 160 balloons and does not take too long to make, just a couple of minutes.

Monday, 29 April 2013

29th April - Ship at Sea

I have to thank Sean (Mister Tall) for pointing me in the direction of this lovely little sculpture, Its so cool and I can't wait to make one at a party.

It is made from 7 balloons, 3 x 260s make up the sea, 2 x 260s make up the main part of the ship and there is another 260 for the mast and another for the sails.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

28th April - Heart Wand

Yesterday I made a shark for the boys, today its something for the girls, yes its a heart on a stick, made from 3 balloons, 2 pink 260s and a heart balloon (no surprise there then). Its the perfect thing to make for any little princess, she will be delighted with it and lovingly accept it to then batter her brother over the head with it.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

27th April - Simple Shark

Alysia recently asked me if I do a simple shark, Here is my one balloon shark and this is what I make when I get asked to make a shark.

He is made from just 1 balloon and has about 11 twists, I always draw the teeth on as its the teeth that really make it look the part and kids love sharp teeth.

Friday, 26 April 2013

26th April - Chicken

My niece is 14 years old today, her name is Hester and she is my oldest niece, earlier in the year she requested that I make a black chicken, she has her own real live black chicken called Blackie so here is her balloon Blackie the Chicken.

This Chicken is made from 10 balloons, It is based on a photo of a balloon chicken I recently saw which was made by Graham Lee (another balloon man), I changed it a little to give her a nest to sit in and some different eyes, I started with the body from 2 x 260 balloons and added an another one for the top of the head, then I added the red bits from another 260 and the beak from yet another 260, the tail came next and then I added the eyes, The nest is a plait of 160 balloons.

Happy Birthday Hester

Thursday, 25 April 2013

25th April - Frog

Here is my first frog of the year, I don't expect you will see to many frogs from me, it maybe because I am too fussy but I have seen a lot of frogs made from balloons but I rarely think they look like frogs, I think this is one of the best I have seen and he does actually look froggish. I made him from one of the youtube videos of Dylan Gelinas (thanks Dylan).

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

24th April - Caterpillar

What a cute and happy little fellow this caterpillar is, he likes nothing more than to roam around the plants in my garden and scare the neighbours.

He is made from 5 balloons, all of them are 260s, he has one balloon to make the inner core and head, another 2 to make the outer body, then another for the eyes and another for the antennas.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

23rd April - Rhino

I love this little Rhino, Graham showed me how to make it back in March and I just love how he looks, he is made from just 2 balloons, although the white balloon is just an old scrap I found so I guess its only 1 and a bit balloons.

Monday, 22 April 2013

22nd April - Double Flower

This flower is made from 4 balloons, it consists of 2 flower weaves, the first small flower weave is a 160 balloons, the bigger weave is made from 2 x 260s, the stem is a green 260, it was a bit of an experiment to see what it would look like but I am pleased with the result.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

21st April - Ducky

This duck is made from just 5 balloons and is pretty quick to make, its made from 3 yellow 260 balloons, 1 orange 260 and a little bit of white 260. I started with the head, neck and beak then I added on the eyes, next I made the body and finally added on the legs. I have been experimenting with drawing different types of eyes recently too, instead of just a round black blob I have tried to add a bit of character.

Friday, 19 April 2013

20th April - Centipede

I made this as a kind of experiment to see how it would come out, its made from 12 balloons although most of them are un-inflated, I used 3 black 260s for the main body and another brown 260 running down the back, the head was a 350 and then the legs and antennas were added at the end.

19th April - Whale

I make this whale quite often at various parties, he seems to be quite popular, he is made from 7 balloons, this includes the base which makes him self standing, when I make him at parties I usually only use 5 balloons.

I start with 2 x 350 balloons then add in the fins which are a 260, next I add the water spout which is made from 2 x white 260s and finally the base is added from a 260 and a 350. There is another secret ingredient which makes him self standing but I will let you work that out for yourselves.

"Thar she blows Captain"

Thursday, 18 April 2013

18th April - Vulture

On Tuesday I met Zack and his family, Zack decided to challenge me and wanted me to make him some kind of bird of prey, I started trying to make a falcon but half way through I realised it could become an excellent vulture. Thanks for the challenge Zack and I hope you are doing well.

I have reworked the vulture now and this is what I have come up with, it is made from 9 balloons, first I made the beak from a 260 balloon and added in the eyes from a 160 and rest of the head and neck from a 160 and a 260, the neck frill and chest is a 206 with the body, wings and tail made from another 2 x 260s, the legs are made from a 260 and a 160.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

17th April - Hippos

Here is a hippo and her baby, I made this after Nat showed me a photo of a couple of hippos.

Each hippo is made from just the 1 balloon, mummy hippo is a 260 and baby hippo is a 160.

Monday, 15 April 2013

16th April - Rocking Horse

I was talking to Rikki last night and the subject of balloon rocking horses came up, we were discussing various ideas so I thought I would post this which is my version of a rocking horse.

This Rocking horse is made from 3 balloons, first I make the horse from a blue 260 balloon and then add in another 260 for the rocker, I then use a 160 for the mane and the tail.

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15th April - Skeleton

I have recently been asked to make something themed to the Mexican day of the dead so I figured it would have to be a skeleton with a bunch of flowers, sorry the photo is not too good but I finished him late last night and had to snap some pictures quickly as he is being delivered today.

He is made from about 16 balloons, there are 7 in the skeleton, 2 in the base and 7 in the flowers. I think his legs could have been a little longer but I think I like him.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

14th April - Dolly

I have made a few of these recently when I have worked in a few local hospitals for the kids on the wards. It started when one girl asked for a Barbie, so I made this and the little girl was over the moon.

This Dolly is made from 6 balloons, although I am often able to use up some scraps with this one. I start with the skirt which is a 160 and then add a bit of a 260 for the body, Next I add the legs from half a 160 and then a scrap makes the shoes, now I use the other half of the 160 for the arms and use some scraps for the face and hair.

13th April - Present

This little present is a great addition to other balloon creations, I have been able to make these for a while but I recently saw Dylan Gelinas make a slightly different but better version so I now make them like this.

Its just 2 balloons, a red 350 and a yellow 160, pretty easy to make and is done in just a few minutes.

Friday, 12 April 2013

12th April - Gorilla

I really like this gorilla, I made him today after seeing a YouTube video tutorial on how to make him online, the video was from Mr Boma's Balloons and is well worth a watch if you want to have a go as making him.

I will not say too much as you can all go and watch the video but I will tell you he is made from just 4 balloons, all of them are 260s and there are 2 browns, 1 blush and a tiny bit of white.

Thanks Mr Boma - http://mrbomasballoons.com

Thursday, 11 April 2013

11th April - Dalmatian

Today is day number 101 and what better animal to make today than 101 dalmatians (the other 100 are hiding off camera).

This dalmatian is made from 7 balloons and is a Dylan Gelinas design, Dylan uses brown balloons to make his into a normal dog so I switched the brown balloons for the white to make it a dalmatian.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

10th April - Strong Man

Its day 100 today and My Daily Balloon is still going strong, so I made a strong man to celebrate.

He is made from 13 balloons, mostly 260s, I started with his body which is made from 2 x 260s then added his arms from another 2 x 260s, his hands came next from a 160 and then I added in the pole from another 160. His face and hair is made from 2 x 260s and his shorts came next which is another 2 blue 260s, then I added in his legs which are another 260, the last thing to add was the weights which are 2 round 5" balloons.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

9th April - Bumblebee

I have decided to continue the creepy crawly theme today with a bumblebee, This little chap is made from a mixture of balloons, mainly 260s, there are 10 balloons in total.

I started with a black round balloon for the face and joined it to a black 360 for the central core of his body, the rings were added next from 2 yellows and 1 black 260, I then made a tulip twist in the 350 to make his tail and sting.

His antennas are a black 260 and a yellow 260, his legs were added next and they are 2 black 160s, finally I added the wings (which I nearly forgot) from a white 260.

Monday, 8 April 2013

8th April - Dalek Hat

I have not done too many hats in my project yet, I made an Easter bonnet last week so he even things out a bit here is one for the boys, its a Dalek hat. This one is made from 5 balloons however I can make a slightly simpler and quicker version out of 4 balloon.

In this one I start with 2 x 260s for the main hat section, then I add on the 2 orange things from a 350 balloon, next I make the plunger which is made from a 646 and add it onto a 260 and finally add the whole plunger onto the front of the hat. EXTERMINATE!!!!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

7th April - Dragonfly

After making yesterdays scorpion I was in the mood for another insect, a dragonfly made from 8 balloons.

I started with his main body and added in the tail, then I added the eyes which are made from a heart shaped balloon, next come the black ridges down the body from a 160 and the wings from a 260, finally I added in the legs from 3 x 160s.

Friday, 5 April 2013

6th April - Scorpion

I was at Marion's house the other day and she suggested I make a scorpion, I don't think scorpions are her favourite insect, I see her more of a butterfly type person, I have never seen a scorpion balloon sculpture before so I thought I would give it a go, thanks for the idea Marion.

My scorpion is made from 9 balloons, 4 x 260 balloons make up the body and half the claws, then a further 2 x 260 are in the tail. The rest of the claws are made from a 350 balloon and then the legs are made from 2 x 160 balloons.

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

5th April - Sword

Normally I really dislike making swords for kids at parties, generally I try and avoid it like the plague, they ARE very quick to make but the child will grab it, run off with it and have a fight with it, then popping the sword and you end up with tears. However if the sword is going to be hung on the wall and admired as a form of art then I do not mind so much, and here is one of my swords hung on the wall as a form of art.

This sword is not a typical type of sword, I was inspired to make it after seeing Pascal Grooten's swords on his website. There are 4 balloons in this model, all 260s, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow and 1 silver.  It took me a while to work out the handle with this one, it looks simple but when you think about it, its not, this is actually a combination of twists and bubbles, if you want to know how I did it then ask me.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

4th April - Killer Whale

I make 2 different killer whales, a big one and a small one, the big one involves many balloons and takes me a while to build, you can wear it on your head and when its done and I give it to you to take home you will find it a struggle to walk through doorways normally. This killer whale however is the small one, it is made from 4 balloons, a black 260, a white 260, a black 160 and a white 160, it takes me just a couple of minutes to make.

3rd April - Phoenix

Here is my second mythological creature and my largest model so far, it is a phoenix, I was inspired to make this after someone made their own version of a phoenix on a balloon forum recently.

It is made from 41 balloons, mainly 260 sized balloons but there are a few 350s in there, for the body and the tops of the legs, also I used a 160 balloon for the feet and the lower part of the beak.

I started with the wings, building a flat weave that slowly curved upwards, I then added the red and threaded another balloon through the middle, the last thing to do with the wings was to add the yellow feathers.

Next I made the body which it just 4 x 260s wrapped around a 350, adding in the wings at the same time. I then made the head and neck adding in the crest and beak and then the eyes. The last thing to do was to add the tail and legs.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

2nd April - Owl Three

This is the third owl I have made, I had several comments about the last owl I made on 20th Feb , some people seemed to think it looked nothing like an owl, I have since been told it does look like an owl, but enough of that owl and on to this one.

This owl is totally my invention, It is made from 8 balloons in total, 5 balloons for the owl and 3 balloons for the branches, the owl is made from gold 260 balloons, 1 yellow 260, a black 260 and a white round balloon.

The branch is a 350, a 260 and a 160 with the help from a few special twists to join them together.

Monday, 1 April 2013

1st April - Easter Bonnet

I had a recent request from my sister to make an Easter bonnet for my little niece Erica, all my nieces and nephews are entering an Easter bonnet parade today and my sister thought it would be a good idea for Erica to have a balloon bonnet.

This photo is NOT a picture of my niece, I decided to use my bear as a model for the bonnet instead, Erica is not quite as hairy as this. The Easter bonnet is in 2 parts, firstly the hat part, it is made from 11 balloons, I started with a flower weave for the main base and then added the outer rim, all I needed to do next was add the flowers around the edge.

The little duckling on top is one of the designs from Dylan Gelinas, he is called Hiccup the duck and is available from Dylans website at http://www.slightlytwistedballoons.com.