Monday, 18 February 2013

18th February - James Bond

On the day that Skyfall is released on DVD I have made a James Bond for my friend Jamie, this James Bond is definitely not Daniel Craig, I think he is more of a Timothy Dalton or George Lazenby, maybe even a Roger Moore.

I usually start with the head on these types of balloons and work downwards but with this one I made the upper body first and did the head last. James Bond is made of 9 balloons, I made his shirt with a 350 first and then his jacket and sleeves with 2 x 260, then I added in the legs and feet with a 260 and his belt with a bit of left over from his sleeves.

Next I made his hand and gun, both from 160s, and fixed his other sleeve in his pocket with a bit of dead un-inflated balloon. Finally I made his head from a 260 and added the hair with a 160. In all he took me about an hour, I had to have 2 attempts at the body because the first version didn't look like a jacket.

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