Thursday, 7 February 2013

7th February - Photographer

As many of you know I am a keen photographer and during my time using flickr I discovered a photographer called Andrew Whyte, I have to say his work is awesome, I mean really awesome, you should check out some of his long exposures sometime ( ).

Anyway, Andrew was kind enough to give me a plug on his facebook page and so in return I am saying thanks by dedicating today's balloon to him.

Mini Andrew is made up from 11 balloons, firstly I made the face and hair out of 260s, then a 350 for the body with a 260 for the sleeves, the trousers and belt are another 260 followed by another one for the shoes. next I added another 260 for the lower arms. that part took me about 20-25 mins.

The camera was much harder, it took me a while and 3 attempts  to work out how to make a camera so this took me about 40-50 mins, first the lens which is made from a 350 and a 160, then the camera body which is a 350. finally the tripod is made from both a 260 and a 160.

So thanks for the plug Andrew, If anyone else would like to spread the word about my blog then I would really like that, you will probably end up getting a balloon dedicated to you (Stu, yours is coming up in a few days).

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  1. FANTASTIC!! Nice site; nice work; nice ambition. Good luck with the one-a-day!

    Your image even manages to look a bit like the real Andrew!

    Andrew's dad.