Thursday, 28 February 2013

28th February - Calvin and Hobbes

It is the last day of the month and that means I have done a bigger balloon model, recently I found out that both Ron and I like the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, it follows the antics of Calvin, an adventurous 6 year old boy and his stuffed pet tiger Hobbes.

I wanted to base my Calvin and Hobbes on a well known picture of them, this can be seen here.
I started with Hobbes first and made his face (which I am not happy pleased with but its ok), then his body, arms, hands, legs and finally his ears and tail. Next was Calvin, first I made his body and arms, then his hands and little shorts and trousers, finally his head and hair.

Hobbes took me well over an hour to make and Calvin probably took me about 30-40 minutes. 
It took me another 45 mins to photograph them and then another 1-2 hours to draw the log and Photoshop them into the scene so in total this 1 Balloon model took me nearly 5 hours over the course of 2 days to make. Hobbes is made from 14 balloons and Calvin from 7 balloons, a mixture of 260s, 160s and 350s, a 160 is a balloon that is 1 inch diameter and 60 inches long, a 260 balloon is 2 inches diameter and 60 inches long.