Friday, 19 July 2013

19th July - Two Hundred

Today marks the 200th day of 2013 and my 200th balloon sculpture, I wanted to do something a bit more spectacular but its currently the last week of school so I am spending the week doing school shows, also its the hottest summer EVER and my sculptures are not really playing ball in these temperatures, the room I usually make balloons in reached over 40 degrees Celsius recently so at the moment my sculptures are short and hopefully sweet. Anyway, thanks for continuing to follow my balloons and if anyone would like to help me celebrate by sharing My Daily Balloon with their friends then I would appreciate that a LOT.

This Sculpture would normally be made from 7 balloons, however I cheated and made it from just 3 and a little scrap of balloon, I first made the number 2, then used a scrap to join it to a geo base, then I photographed it on the bench and took it to bits, next I made a lilac 0 and fixed it to the same geo base, then I photographed it on the bench twice in different places, finally I imported all the pictures into photoshop and joined them all together to look like 1 picture, finally I changed the colour of the last 0 to make it look different and removed all the back ground colour to make all the numbers stand out.

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