Saturday, 17 August 2013

17th August - Scout

It was months ago I was asked by someone to make a cub or scout, I have finally gotten around to it. This is how I used to dress when I went to the cubs all those years ago, I think I still have my little green cap and woggle somewhere. Hope you like it PJ and sorry it took me ages.

This Cub is made from 11 balloons, I started with the shorts and legs and then added the belt body and feet, next I made the head and added hair, and then the arms, finally I added the hands, hat and the little scarf. The sculpture is made entirely from 260s except for the yellow scarf which is a 160. 

I now have 2 tutorials available on MDB extra, the cute bunny and now the plane. they are both available for free on the blog or you can purchase the PDF for a small fee. You can keep up to date with all the MDB news by clicking like on the facebook page at -