Sunday, 12 May 2013

12th May - Gondolier

Last night was the 75th anniversary Portsmouth and District Magic Circle Annual Dinner and the theme of the event was Venetian Masquerade Ball, I help to organise the event and for the table centres I made these gondoliers, each one a different colour. It total there were 11 of these men, each one was made from 10 balloons so in total (including a few deflations) I used well over 110 balloons.

First I made the bases from an 11" round balloon, then I added on a 260 sized balloon for the feet and legs (which are also the core of the body) next thing I made was the stripey top, sleeves and arms from another 260 and then I added in the gondoliers pole from a 160, finally the head and hat are made from 2 x 260s and a 5" round balloon.

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