Wednesday, 8 May 2013

8th May - Motorbike Two

I have to thank Mr Boma from Mr Boma's Balloons for todays sculpture, This really awesome motorbike is not too difficult to make and really looks the part, you can also check out Mr Boma's facebook page by going here - or visit his website here -

In the tutorial Mr Boma makes his out of grey, for some reason I used silver, In the tutorial the handle bars are made from 160s and when I got to making those I realised I didn't have any silver 160s so I had to use a 260 instead, when I make it in the future I will the handle bars from a 160 as I think they will look better slightly smaller.

The Motorbike is made from 5 balloons, 1 black 260, 1 red 260, 3 silver 260s. You can follow My Daily Balloon several other ways Facebook and hit the 'like' button 
Twitter - @magirob

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