Sunday, 17 March 2013

17th March - Leprechaun

Its St Patricks day today and to celebrate I have made a leprechaun with his pint Guinness and pot of gold, It also happens to be international hug a ginger day tomorrow so I think my little leprechaun will be looking forward to that.

My Leprechaun is made from 17 balloons, I started with his face and hair from 2 x 260 balloons and then added the hat which is made from a 260 and a green heart balloon, next came his body and arms from another 2 x 260s and his legs and belt from 1 more 260, his hands are a 260 and the pot of gold is made from a 350, a 160 and a gold coloured 260, the Guinness is a 260 and 2 x 160s, finally I added his shoes and his belt buckle. The rainbow is made from 6 x 260 balloons (5 colours and 1 to hold them together)

I would also like to say happy birthday to Alexis, she is 16 today.

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