Wednesday, 13 March 2013

14th March - Adventurer Chris

Its Chris's 30th birthday today and I had to think long and hard as to what balloon to make for him so in the end I just decided to make  . . . . him.      A few years ago Chris went to Africa to work with school kids and to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, so here is what I imagined he looked like on his travels with his backpack on.

Adventurer Chris is made from 16 balloons, I started with his body and sleeves out of 2 x 260 balloons, then I added his shorts and legs from another 260 balloon with a belt from a 160, next step was to attach his arms and the straps to the backpack, both from 160s.

Now it was time to make the backpack, this was made out of a large 646 balloon with a green 340 balloon for the sleeping bag, this was then all held together with the straps made from 160s, I now attached the backpack to the straps fixing it to adventurer Chris's back.

The final steps were to make Chris's head from a 260 with a 160 for the hair and then a tiny bit of 160 for his nose, finally I added a pair of legs and a pair of shoes.

Adventurer Chris took me a couple of house to make and photograph, all that leaves me to do is to wish the real Chris a happy birthday.

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