Friday, 8 March 2013

8th March - Tortoise 2

I made a Tortoise a few weeks ago but he was a very simple tortoise, this one was far more complicated and I have to learn a new type of twist to make him. He is based on a Tortoise by an expert balloonologist called Pascal Grooten from Belgium, he makes some of the most amazing balloon models around (Google him - Pascal Grooten)

Anyway, My Tortoise took me well over an hour to make, I started with a 5 inch round balloon and I twisted 4 raisin twists into the balloon roughly where the feet were going to go. I then made 4 individual feet which are made from a brown 160, these are basically an elongated tulip twist with 2 pinch twists holding it together.

Next I added the green 160 for the rim of his shell and I added the head next which was a 260 and a 160, plus a black 160 for the eyes, in total he is made from 6 balloons.

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