Tuesday, 12 March 2013

13th March - Anchor

Living in a very nautical city I have been asked to make an anchor once or twice in the past, usually when I am working in the dock yard or in any nautical themed location. This anchor is made from various different sized balloon, firstly I took a black 260 sized balloon and made the ring ring at the top, then worked my way down to the bottom, adding another 260 for the arms and another fir the cross section at the top. The rope is a brown 160 sized balloon and the grey rings are also a 160.

Finally I made the outer ring, using 1 yellow and 1 blue 160 sized balloon I spiraled them together and used another blue 160 to join them together at the bottom.

It total this is made from 8 balloons, 5 for the Anchor and 3 for the outer ring, it took me about 30 mins to make but I was doing other things at the same time so I could do it a lot quicker if I needed to.

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