Tuesday, 26 March 2013

26th March - Tiki Tiki Bird

A couple of weeks ago Graham posted a photo onto the balloon chat forum of a balloon model made by someone who attended Twist and Shout, the annual Balloon twister Convention in the USA, I loved the model so much I just had to have a go at making him. I have no idea who made the original balloon and I cant even find the photo in the forum now but if it was you who came up with the design then let me know and I will credit you.

This Tiki bird is made from 6 balloons, I started with the blue 260 for the head feathers and wings, then added the beak and feet from another 260, next I added the chest from a white round balloon and then added in the eyes from a white 260 and a black 160, finally the branch is a 260 with a raisin twist to attach the birds feet to.

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